Cherry Blossoms, take 1.

Back in Okinawa I thought I had taken my fill of cherry blossom photos. I have thousands of them from the few years I lived there. And really, there is not much difference between most cherry blossoms – petals generally in the same size, number, and shape, color always a lighter or darker pink. Yet always I look forward to them. To try to find some sort of perfect representation of what it is to be a cherry blossom, to catch its fleeting beauty before winds scatter the petals like delicate springtime snow. Silly, I know. It’s just a flower isn’t it?


Now that I am living in the Washington DC area I knew I would be making the trip down to the Tidal Basin, hopefully at least once before the sun was up. My daughter’s spring break from school happened to fall on what was supposed to have been the peak week for the blossoms, but the cold was unrelenting and the buds were reluctant to open. I knew this but got up at 4AM anyway, put on my coat and scarf, grabbed my backpack, and headed out the door into 5AM rolling grid-lock on 95. I managed to make it in to DC just as the sun was coming up and, although most of the buds were closed tightly, I feel it was definitely time well-spent.



3 thoughts on “Cherry Blossoms, take 1.

  1. I think you have always had a fondness for cherry blossoms. I remember one time in Boone, there was snow all over, and the trees were snowy, but these little buds were poking out from the snow, and you got all excited. 🙂

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