In the Garden


Spring has been long delayed in northern VA. A week ago I was in DC photographing cherry blossoms, well, cherry buds really, bundled up against the below-freezing temperatures. Today (a scant week later)? It is 85 degrees outside and I’m in shorts and a tank top, sweating, mowing the grass. I do apologise to all my neighbors for having such a ratty front yard, but it is early and nothing in a garden happens in any kind of hurry. It’ll look better one of these days.


In the recent weeks, in spite of the cold, I’ve been sprouting some seedings in my big front windows. I was just going over my list of sproutlings, trying to figure where in the yard they need to go that both makes sense and meets their needs for sun, etc. On the short list, either already sprouted or already in the garden are: tomatoes, basil, cucumbers, green beans, peas, blueberries, raspberries, chives, parsley, potatoes, sweet potatoes, rosemary, and lavender. I’ll add several varieties of peppers, more tomatoes, and lettuces/leafy greens to that shortly. Can’t wait to photograph (and eat) it once it all arrives!


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