Tiny Compositions

As part of an effort to more closely examine my life, get at least a little bit out of my comfort zone, and find more of those small, spur-of-the-moment compositions I’ve set up an Instagram account. Tiny, square little glimpses into my personal, day-to-day life. I’ve resisted social media for so long – partly because I like to keep my life to myself, partly because it has never occurred to me that anyone would want to see such minutiae. But then I met someone at a party who talked (raved) about how she loved how the photographer she hired posted so much of her life online. She talked enthusiastically about how it was so great and she felt as though she and the photographer were already friends by the time the shoot rolled around.

It was food for thought.

Ok, I can do that. Or, at least I can start.


“Click me!”


“Click me!”


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