My camera is sick. She’s just not well. She can’t seem to focus on anything and generally seems lethargic, and unresponsive. I contacted the Maker and he advised me to send her in for treatment. I really hope they can make her well again, her old self again. I will miss her terribly while she’s away.


Be safe, don’t talk to strangers. Rest, relax – I of all people know how hard you work. Be whole again. Come back to me as soon as you can. I miss you already.


Ok, so what this all translates to is that the auto-focus motor in my camera has quit. If I am asking it to focus I get no response. I can still do things manually, but for moving subjects nothing beats a quick auto-focus system. I called Sony customer support and after answering a series of questions they determined that I needed to pack it up and send it off to their remote repair facility in Texas. The estimated repair time 7-10 days once received. I’m hoping to have my camera back and good as new in about two weeks, but we’ll see how reality pans out.



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