In the garden, again

Pulling up grass is miserable work. I pulled it up by hand (using only human-powered hand tools) in the front to extend the planting bed to make room for a selection of herbs, about 18 inches deep by about 5 feet in length and it took me hours. Hours. My hands were sore, as well as my back and shoulders. Ugh.


However, the rest of the garden is looking much better. Much easier progress there thanks to a neighbor and his wonderful power tiller. The side beds are now mostly weeded and planted with veggies and berries, and assuming the cicadas don’t eat my plants, it should be a bountiful summer. Of course, I had company throughout my efforts.



After trying to bite a few bees, chasing some crickets, and rolling in the grass, she decided a nap in the shade was next on her list.


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